Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Workbench

The Fleets increase!

At present I'm about finished on some Jap Battleships, the Musashi and the Fuso along with some destroyers. My Jap fleet has rapidly increase lately and has been battling my British Fleet to the point that they don't want to fight anymore. They seem to lose!

Speaking of 1/3000 fleets those good people at Navwar have tempted with me with more of their fine ships. This is not helped by the fact the General Quarters 3 boys keep releasing supplements for their rules. As a result I now have the Siamese, Dutch and elements of the Soviet Navy to paint along some what if Germans, such as the H44 class!

Others bits and bods include some 15mm Thracians for DBFOG, some 1/1200 Galleys, 15mm Italian paratroopers and some 28mm French Lights being painted as the Irish Legion. Photos to be updated soon!

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