Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Something different - 15mm Seleucids!!

Another update chaps....you lucky people!!

This time its from my other big passion...15mm ancients! These chaps are Seleucid Argyraspides who the elite gaurds unit of the Seleucid kings.
The figures are from Chariot minatures who are very nice people and the shield decals are VVV. My only complaint about the figures (and its only slight) is the lenght of their spears as I would of thought they would have been longer like their pikemen couterparts! But still very nice figures and good starting block for my army.

I'm a big Seleucid fan as I did my dissertation on them at uni. As a result I want to get them as historicaly accurate as possible. I painted the tunics red and not purple because I had seen images of Alexanders Silver Shields in Red in the Ancient Warfare magazine and as the Argyraspides were based on this unit I thought it made sense.
My figure painting skills are taken from my father (who is a bloody good painter) and Minifigs, who do a bloody good guide on their website (and also on the Fanaticus site)
These figures (two bases) are for my FOG army but I will use them for DBA as well. Just need to get their Roman armed comrades and I shall be on my way.
Anyway I hope you enjoy them as much as I did painting them.
Tally Ho for now!

WW2 1/3000 - Royal Navy, Italian Navy and Kriegsmarine!

Right then ladies and gentlemen..after a bit of break I'm back with some new odds and ends.
Firstly we have my WW2 1/3000 ships. These are based the same as my WW1 and I think look quite good. I'm eager to press my Italian ships in to battle as I'm very proud of my 1/4 Italianess...plus their ships, like most Italian things...are pretty damn smart.

Vittorio Veneto - (Navwar)

This is one of my favorite ships...very elegent lines and bloody powerfull to boot. Good model, my only complaint would be the hunk of metal under the rear turret guns but this was easily filed down. A nice job from the Navwar chaps!!!

Zara - (Skytrex)

A nice little model of the heavy cruiser Zara...I annoyingly missed some of the mold lines around the hull so had to scrape of the paint and touch up the paint but then dropped the bloody thing....still love the ship though.

Andrea Doria - (Navwar)

HMS Renown - (Sktrex- I think!)

Another one of my favs is the old Renown...not sure why but she is a lovely ship and Britians last Battlecruiser!

HMS Prince of Wales- (Navwar)

Prinz Eugen - (Navwar)

Scharnhorst - (Navwar)

My all time fav ships is the Scharnhorst and her sister - undergunned but not badly armoured, had they been upgunned to 15" guns then they would of been very deadly ships!!! Like the VV they had elegent lines and nice ships!

Bismarck - (Navwar)
The big bad Bismarck. Caused a lot of trouble for the allies (well the Good old Royal Navy) but probably more on a Psychological level. Had the Kriegsmarine had a few more of these monsters then maybe they would of had a better chance against the Royal Navy...but thats a big 'maybe'
So there is my WW2 fleet..not bad and can be easily used to practising GQ3. Not sure if the German labels are correct but I imagine some kind sir will let me know!
As a result I'm not sure what to paint up now in regards to ships....maybe some smaller stuff for the Med, or some WW1 Med navies..suggestions would be welcome!!