Sunday, 7 May 2017

Wargaming Depression and Mortem et Gloriam

So having painted the Old Guard and subsequently starting of the Marines of the Guard, I ended up selling those as well.

I don't what it is about gaming at the moment but I can't seem to sink my teeth into it. I've bought various ruleset and figures but they have all ended up sold.

So what is the problem?

For me, well it is me! I am the problem. I am torn between the love of painting 28mm figures but struggle to see a decent sized battle unless it's in 15mm or below. I don't mind painting 15mm but I prefer the large scales. And this is my catch 22.

Case in point.

A friend has created is own set of Napoleonic rules and they are lovely, easy to play and can be done in an evening. He and another friend will bring their armies for waterloo which consists of 5 battalions each, a battery of artillery and two regiments of cavalry.  This is all in 28mm and look lovely but it's not a battle. They label it as a division aside but in my head, it's a brigade and I can't shift that mindset.

The option is that I could do it in 18mm and maybe I should but I'm not inspired at the moment.

My time is limited for painting. My job is excellent but takes up the hours and, combined with having two small children, I just can't be bothered. It's a shame as I've enjoyed the hobby for 10  years but seem to have fallen into a rut.

I've recently bought Mortem et Gloriam, a set of rules focusing on the Ancient and Medieval era. I had previously considered going for Impetus but something about the comprehensive army lists for Mortem et Gloriam really struck home. I sold all my 15mm ancients may years ago, so I'm starting from scratch and, as a reuslt, I've bought some Polybian Romans from Forged in Battle.

Now already I have out both figures and rules on sale on Facebook and Ebay and I'm regretting it.

I'm a fickle man and this is another issue. Apart from SAGA and Muskets and Tomahawks, I have not seen a project through. I;m easily distracted by other things, currently, it's the Last Kingdom which makes me want to build a 28mm dark age army or two.

But this time I'm determined to do this. I need to, for my own sanity.

So here are some shots of my Romans that I've painted. It's still early days but I'm going to keep going. I may wobble at times but support from the wider community is needed.