Thursday, 17 April 2014

Mysterious Figures

I recently found these but I don't know what they are or who made them?

15mm French Napoleonic

My other passion is the Napoleonic wars. I'm looking at building up a force for Salamanca, using the General de Brigade rules. This is my first battalion, a generic French one.

15mm AWI British Army

Continuing my British Grenadier work, I managed to paint up my Guards battalions, as well as the lights, a commander and some light dragoons from the 16th. All figures are Peter Pig.

Battlegroup Kursk and Normandy

I've really been enjoying both BG Kursk and Normandy and now have a sizable German, British and Russain force. I'm currently updating my Hungarians as I've just got hold of  a copy of Barbarossa.

 All the British stuff is from Grubby's tanks. 

 The Panzer III's are fun in Kursk, well not fun for the crews. They tend to blow up quickly.

French Indian War

Further updates to my M&T project include some Canadian militia and Scottish Highlanders. Love this game, though I tend to lose if I play the French.

The Scotts are from North Star and the Canadians are from Galloping Major. 

The tarten was a real pain but I do fancy some Scotts Grenadiers, so might just have to brave it in the future. 

Italian Navy reinforcments

I've missed painting ships, so I quite happily blitzed these chaps out for my Italian fleet. Mixture of Davco and Navwar. Just two more tins of Quality Streets, filled with unpainted lead, and I'll be done.