Sunday, 4 July 2010

Delayed Update!

Hello again chaps, tis been too long. This is what happens when you foolishly decide to do a teacher trainee course. Anyway all done now so I have to time to paint!
First things first, here are a few pictures of my Macedonian Hypaspists to asisst Alexander! I quite like these figures (Xyston) and I think they have come out quite well. I painted the motif on the shield myself, which Im quite happy with!

Next up and continuing with the Macedonain theame we have my Hetoroi, again made by Xyston. Again, I'm quite happy with these chaps!

To end with we have some pictures of some ww1 Austrians by Scarab minatures. These are my first 28mm figures and I really like them!

On other news I have started to paint for others for a bit of cash. I'm mostly doing ships so if you need anydone and want them for a fair price, get in contact with me!
Happy gaming!