Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New Jersey Provincials

Finally, we have my New Jersey Provincials for Muskets and Tomahawks. There chaps are from Galloping Major and they paint really well. I particularly like the officer.

SAGA Normans and Anglo Danes

My other project that has been gathering pace is my SAGA project. At the moment I have a 6 point Norman army and 5 point Anglo Dane one. the figures are a range of manufacturers including Gripping Beast, Crusader and Conquest. All the shields are and painted.

 First up, the Normans.

Next we have the Anglo Danes.

WW2 Russians

So, things have been a little busy, especially with the little chap, so posting has been on the back burner for a while. But painting has still been going on and I have a few things to share.

Firstly, some 20mm Russians for my Battlegroup Kursk rules. I've had the rules for a year and still haven't got round to completing the army. The infantry are a mixture of Plastic Solider Company and War Modelling. The KV1's are from Pegasus and were a delight to put together and paint. I'm still working on my AFV painting skills as I'm not quite happy with them.  Enjoy!