Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Numbnuts with Camera's

Right I have finally figure out to get not bad pictures from my camera.

Anyway this is just a quick update. I'll take some more snaps this week and update the navies. I have painted a fair bit of the WW2 Dutch fleet and some Austrian and Italian WW1 bits and bobs.

Anyway here are pictures of slowly growing Seleucid army in 15mm. Both types are from Old Glory via the overly nice people at Timecast miniatures! 

The top guys are my Cataphracts and the lower guys are Xystophoros. These are really nice figures and a joy to paint!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Update need

I seriously need to update. Half term would of been ideal but I left my camera at work! I update this week.

On the work bench

28mm Spartans and Romans.

1/3000 Austrian, Italian and American

15mm Seleucid

1/2400 Napoleonic