Monday, 16 May 2011

Transport Tycoon and Delays

Transport Tycoon is annoying, especially as I should be painting my Jap fleet, some Italian paratroopers and some bloody WW1 Balloons (we don't like the balloons over here!).

How can a game where you merely manage a transportation firm be so entertaining........damn Chris Sawyer!!!!!

Anyhow a much delayed update. I have now my own digital camera (sort of) so I shall try and get some pictures. A lot has been painted including something I thought I would never paint!!!!!

In other news if you live in the UK and the South west and are asked to go to the South West Modelling Engineering show, don't because its bloody awful and badly run. I was not overly impressed to get to a show to be told that I not only to make up the tables but drag them from one building to another! Not only that but the organisers are idiots and try and get you to advertise their products. Rant Over!

It other news I'm getting Married....and she likes wargaming! YAY

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