Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Dreaded Bunch

As I have already ranted about my club put on a game at Shepton Mallet in Sommerset (shit show).
Anyway I needed a new army but didn't know which one to chose. I needed a challenge to paint and someone to fight some WW2 Yanks so I ended up painting the SS......

Now I vowed never to paint these guys for various reasons, mainly because I didn't want to be one of those SS Fan boys that always field them armed to the teeth with King Tigers and Stg44s that you find in flames of war, but in the end I enjoyed using them.

A quick tip if you're playing flames of war and you're German use Stugs. They are neigh on impossible to destroy!

A Pak40 which I bizarrely got in a kit of a Panzer Jager 1! The crew are SHQ

The SS. The figures are SHQ and plastic solider company Germans. Not a good match in terms of size but I'm not that bothered.

I enjoyed painting these. I bought some Panthers and armoured cars to go with them but haven't made them yet.

(PS sorry about the pictures but my camera isn't that great!)

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