Sunday, 9 August 2009

WW1 Aircraft

My Venture into the First World War continues. This time its the aircraft that are getting a look in!!

After a longish break I have gone back to the 1/72 kits which I intend to wargame with.

I thougt I would go with something easy so got an Airfix Fokker Dr1 which I will paint up as Voss' as I never did when I first made the kits!!!

Tis a funny kit and the bits do not fit all that well but you have to love it.

I also played my first (and Second game) of wings of war the other day and to my surpries it was actually very good. If you like a fun game and into the dog fighting then this is a nice litte game!! More updates to come soon.

Tally Ho!!!

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  1. Hey, try Aces at Dawn, it's fun!