Tuesday, 4 August 2009

1/3000 Custom Minas Geraes

Keeping with the 1/3000 theame I am scratch building a battleship on the Minas Geraes class which was used by Brazil.

The reasson for doing this is the new Fleet Action Imminent suppliment which covers some of the South American navies. I figured I needed a break from the North Sea!

Unfortunalty Navwar and sktyrex don't make this model but hey, it gives me a chance to learn a new skill.

Anyway here is a couple of pictures of my ship in the construction stage. Basicly a big blob!

The hull was made from the same thick plastic card that I used to base my ship. A thinner bit of card was used to create the upper hull. Miliput was used to fill in areas and extend and shape the upper deck.

The next stage is to shape the miliput parts, create the bridge and drill in wire to build up the funnels. The turrets I hope my father will be making as he is very skilled at sculpting.

Tally ho for now!

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