Sunday, 29 January 2017

Wargaming depression and The Old Guard

So it happened.

Wargaming went a bit weird for me. A combination of two young children, difficulties at work and falling out with various people meant that gaming went a bit strange. It had never left but I've sold most of my stuff including my ships, SAGA armies and the French Indian Wars stuff. Gone also are my books;  the Osprey books that took me 20 years to collect.

It's a funny feeling when a big part of your life disappears or changes and I think I had gamers depression. For instance, my WW2 collection went from 20mm, 10mm to 28mm to 15mm back to 28mm then 15mm and now 20mm.

But here's the trick. The selling was the bug. I enjoyed making a bit of cash, albeit at a loss. But I would buy other stuff and it would sit there and do nothing.

Recently my mood changed and I've found something I enjoy. My greatest love for wargaming has been the Napoleonic wars but I've never found rules I've liked.

Then a friend started his own set. I played a few games and liked it and started my first army since the cull of 2014.

I'm doing 28mm French Imperial guard and loving it. What do you think?

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